Aloe Veras are undeniably great plants - fleshy green leaves, lined by toothed edges make them great architectural plants that will thrive off of little watering. Grown at home, aloe vera can provide some tropical flair to your desktop or garden as an easy-going succulent. However, their medicinal uses and air purifying ability make them the plant that you shouldn't live without. 

Apart from soothing sunburns, they are also used for improving skin conditions and stabilising blood sugar levels.


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  • Dimensions: 

    • Small: 14cmØ by 45cmH
    • Large: 25cmØ by 65cmH

    Light: Direct / Partial Sun

    Water: Weekly

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and boost leafy growth by feeding me once every month with nitrate-rich fertilizer (foliage fertilizer)

    Make Me Happier: A spot with good air circulation will be lovely! If grown indoors, refrain from getting my leaves wet as water that is not dried fast enough can cause rot.