Dreamt up, and made by men & machines in France. This range of additively manufactured, minimalist planters fuse French flair with Japanese-like zen sensibility to create an elegant rendezvous between nature and tech. Voulez-vous planter avec moi?

CORDE: Imagine a rope being tightly wound around a basket. Ropes, cords, chains - they can be used to bind and shackle or to reunite and join. Know that the outcome can be beautiful.


SKU: FL0300
  • Dimensions:

    • Small: 5.5cmØ by 5.5cmH
    • Large: 12cmØ by 11cmH


    Drainage Hole: No


    Material: Wood & Cornstarch Derived Bioplastic

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    In the note, please pair the SKUs (visible beside each item) of the plant with your desired pot.


    For example:

    1. (Plant C's SKU) + (Pot H's SKU)
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    3. etc...