The Dracaena Fragrans aka Cornstalk Dracaena is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. He’s relatively disease-free and topped a NASA study of the best air purifying plants. Did someone say oxygen bomb?! They can help remove common harmful household air particles like formaldehyde! 

He is an impressive specimen who will, in return for just a little attention, happily show off his elegant leaves. If you're extremely lucky, he will even grow small, white flowers as well and all for minimal effort! Dracaena’s neat and controlled growth is especially well suited to spruce up corners and areas with empty walls.

They thrive extremely well in our hot tropical climate and are easy to care for!


SKU: WJ0800
  • Dimensions: 14cmØ by 60cmH

    Light: Partial Sun / Shade Loving

    Water: Daily

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and boost leafy growth by feeding me once every month with nitrate-rich fertilizer (foliage fertilizer)