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Many love Lady’s Finger (also known as okra), whether fried, grilled, stewed, or thrown into curries. This iconic vegetable thrives in our sweltering heat and withstands withering droughts. Its candelabra-like stems produce attractive crepe paper blossoms that resemble those of hibiscus or cotton. These blooms give rise to the edible seedpods we crave.

Lady’s Fingers are prized for being a superfood. Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods, which are considered to be particularly beneficial for people’s health and well being. They help lower cholesterol, alleviate intestinal issues and irritable bowel dysfunctions.


SKU: WI3600
  • Dimensions: cmØ by cmH

    Light: Direct / Partial Sun

    Water: Daily

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and stimulate fruiting by feeding me once every month with phosphorus-and-potassium-rich fertilizer (fruiting fertilizer)