This luscious beauty grows naturally in the humid cloud forests of the Philippines. It is an epiphyte, which is a plant that grows on trees or other plants. An epiphyte does no harm to the host plant, and instead relies on rain, air and accumulated rotting vegetation for survival. Pink Lantern also known as Medinilla is usually found growing upright in the forks of larger trees. It has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity overseas since its introduction. Its huge exotic looking blossoms and vibrant pinkish colors will make your friends "pink" with envy. They are extremely easy to care for and thrives in our hot tropical climate.


SKU: WC1000
  • Dimensions: 16cmØ by 45cmH


    Light: Partial Sun

    Water: Daily

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and promote flowering by feeding me once every month with phosphorus-rich fertilizer (flowering fertilizer)