Though she calls herself 'Spanish Moss', she's actually a bromeliad, and is more closely related to the pineapple than to grass. This epiphytic plant grows on large trees in the forests of Central and South America as well as in the mystical rainforests of Asia; hence her Indigenous nickname 'itla-okla', or 'tree hair'.

She's since become a super popular air plant in homes worldwide, and is loved for her wild, knotted foliage that looks like Santa's beard. She’s super easy to have around -- all she needs is the occasional spritz and a little light to thrive.

They thrive extremely well in our hot tropical climate.


SKU: WG0800
  • Dimensions: 8cmØ by 40cmH

    Light: Partial Sun

    Water: Daily

    Make Me Happier: Misting me is one way to get me wet. But to ensure I get enough, dip me in a tub of water for 2-3 minutes before hanging me back up!