This listing is solely for Korean Rare Succulents potting. The Korean Rare Succulents come bare-rooted. If you can't find a nice designer planter for them or if you just like them to be potted in simple pots, you're at the correct place! We understand the hassle of matching the correct sized pots for your succulents (especially when it is just plastic pots), therefore here's the solution!

Fixed price per plastic pot (together with the growing medium). Leave the matching of your succulents to the correct plastic pot sizes to us. Simply add this to your cart, do ensure the quantity for this matches the number of rare succulents in your order.

A sturdy, no-frills plastic shell for all your essential planting needs. The planter version of a nokia phone - likely to break something before something breaks it~

To make sure your lovely ends up in the right home:
Simply add a note in the "Details" section, at the bottom of "Your Stash" (before the checkout)~

In the note, please state "Rare Succulents + Plastic Pots" or if only specific succulents require potting then state using their SKUs "(Succulent A's SKU) + (Potting SKU)"


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  • Dimensions:

    • Sizes dependent on your Rare Succulents sizes. We will match them accordingly.


    Drainage Hole: Yes


    Material: Plastic