The roselle plant is well known for its fleshy calyces that are used to make a beverage that tastes like Ribena. The drink reportedly possesses anti-hypertensive, diuretic and mild laxative properties, and contains abundant amounts of natural antioxidants such as vitamin C and anthocyanins. That's a lot of benefits in one plant!!

They are extremely easy to grow and will thrive under direct sun/ good partial sun. A well lit window/corridor would be great! Ensure soil is moist but not soggy. Just $18 for a pot of heavenly goodness! Our roselle plants are already fruiting and flowering profusely! So.. What a deal! What are you waiting for?


SKU: WI3500
  • Dimensions: 20cmØ by 60cmH

    Light: Direct / Partial Sun

    Water: Daily

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and stimulate fruiting by feeding me once every month with phosphorus-and-potassium-rich fertilizer (fruiting fertilizer)