Rosy the Rose doesn't need much introduction - she's the reigning royalty of the garden, a favourite amongst lovers, and even Shakespeare couldn't help but name drop her several dozen times.

With her soft unbelievably-perfect flowers, Rosy’s beauty is truly timeless. The remains of the first discovered rose dates back to 40 million years ago, and in China, she's been a garden favourite for at least 5,000 years. Ever the romantic, Rosy symbolises love, sensuality, and beauty - she's a famed aphrodisiac. Her petals are used to make perfumes, oils, and delicious treats, andl her light antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make her a popular choice in skincare.


SKU: WG0600
  • Dimensions: 

    • Small: 10cmØ by 24cmH
    • Large: 14cmØ by 40cmH

    Light: Partial Sun

    Water: 3 - 4 Days

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and promote flowering by feeding me once every month with phosphorus-rich fertilizer (flowering fertilizer)