Botanical beauty with staying power: the Aster continues to flower when other garden bloomers have given up. With a rich history in Greek mythology, it’s said that the Aster was created by the tears of the Greek goddess, Astraea. One day, she was so upset by how few stars there were in the dark sky, that she began to cry. As she wept, her tears fell to the ground and turned into star-shaped aster flowers. Thus, the flower was named after her, with aster meaning star.

They thrive extremely well in our hot tropical climate and are easy to care for. 


SKU: WI3700
  • Dimensions: 14cmØ by 20cmH


    Light: Direct / Partial Sun


    Water: Daily


    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and promote flowering by feeding me once every month with phosphorus-rich fertilizer (flowering fertilizer)