Do you know where to get the freshest vegetables in town? It's none other than vegetables grown right at home! Can you imagine harvesting your home grown veggies and immediately tossing them into your cooking? It's unbelievably fresh and just amazing! What are you waiting for? Hurry sow those seeds and you'll be able to harvest your homegrown veggies in around 1-2 months time! 


  • After picking your seeds, you can find other essentials you need under the Necessities page; such as Veggie Potting Mix (loose and fertile soil designed to achieve robust edible growth) and Organic Fertiliser (to keep the edibles in top form). You can find a wide range of designer planters or window boxes under the planters page!

    Add on other edibles like our potted herb plants as you embark onto an exiciting journey of creating your very own kitchen garden with the freshest vegetables and herbs you can get.