Venus Fly Traps are the speed demons of the plant world. In spite of belonging to a particularly sedate kingdom of organisms, these carnivorous plants snap shut their two-lobed traps in a tenth of a second to capture an insect meal, which they then digest. The Venus Fly Trap evolved to adopt carnivory to survive in the nutrient-poor soil of their swampy natural habitats. 

Great to be given as an unique gift! Give a gift that truly gives! Use them to teach your kids about carnivorous plants and inspire more to love plants with Venus Fly Trap as a start. 

They thrive extremely well in our hot tropical climate and are easy to care for!


SKU: WG1900
  • Dimensions: 11cmØ by 12cmH

    Light: Partial Sun

    Water: Daily

    Fertilizer: Keep me in top form and boost leafy growth by feeding me once every month with nitrate-rich fertilizer (foliage fertilizer)