A good pot will make a plant stand out! These sleek modern ceramic pots are hot favourites and they are back😆 They're suitable for larger plants and will certainly add a prestigious vibe to your living spaces.


SKU: WS1900
  • Dimensions:

    • Small: 23cmL, 23cmW, 37cmH
    • Large: 30cmL, 30cmW, 43cmH


    Material: Ceramic

  • To make sure your lovely ends up in the right home:

    Simply add a note in the "Details" section, at the bottom of "Your Stash" (before the checkout)~

    In the note, please pair the SKUs (visible beside each item) of the plant with your desired pot.


    For example:

    1. (Plant C's SKU) + (Pot H's SKU)
    2. (Plant L's SKU) + (Pot O's SKU)
    3. etc...