A large, durable and lightweight plastic planter box. It is ideal for small shrubs, flowers, vegetables and  herbs. This planter box has a separator at the bottom to separate soil from a reservoir, which allows you to leave your plants without watering for a few days. There are no holes at the bottom, but drilling of holes is possible at a few marked spots. There is a hole at the side of the reservoir which will drain approximately half of the reservoir water to prevent water-logging while still preserving some water. This hole can be plugged with the included silicon plug. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


SKU: WS4600
  • Dimensions:


    Overall Size: 92cmL x 34.5cmW x 27.5cmH

    Mouth: 85.5cmL x 28.5cmW

    Base: 77cmL x 19.8cmW


    Drainage Hole: Yes, with plug


    Material: Plastic

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    Do note as this is a XXL planter, you'll need to add on additional soil to fill the planter up if you need us to pot your plants in as existing plants soil will not be sufficient. 


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