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Jungle Pillows

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Your very own Cosy Jungle

A cross-border collaboration; Chlorofeel X EnjoyPillows. Hyper-realistic 3D pillows, handmade with love by our European artisans. Being plant lovers themselves, each pillow is an accurate representation of the actual houseplant.  Meticulous details from the leaf veins to the variegation - you'll be amazed! For gifts or for making your home special; they are soft to touch, of high-quality and truly unique!

Don't miss the Flash Sale

Pillows are freshly made-to-order and flown in all the way from Europe in batches. Pre-Order for each batch is done on a flash sale basis as quantity is very limited. Each batch's ordering period will only last for a short while and the next batch may not be back so soon. Feel free to cart out with our plants, delivery/ collection for them will be together with your pillows when they arrive.


pre-order ends: 24 apr


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