Money Matters

Payment Methods

Payment Timing

The following two methods will be offered to you 

at Checkout, on the "Thank You" Page, AND in your Confirmation Email

A. PayNow

Use your participating bank's integrated PayNow function, or PayNow supported p2p mobile apps such as DBS Paylah, OCBC Pay Anyone, or UOB Mighty to:

  • PayNow us by Number, provided at checkout or

  • ​Scan to PayNow our QR Code, provided at checkout


B. FAST iBanking Transfer

Direct electronic bank transfer using FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) to:

  • DBS Savings Account, provided at checkout

Please be prepared to make payment upon placing your order to avoid any unnecessary disappointments (especially for rare-succulent pre-orders that quickly run out of stock). To be fair to others who may be ordering the same thing, we can only consider orders that are paid, as complete and ready to be processed :( Orders not completed by the end of the day are subject to cancellation, and you will be notified.

#Remember to indicate your Order# on the payment method when making payment by putting it in the space provided for notes/comments, then complete the payment and WhatsApp us your Order# at 98533958. This helps us match and confirm your order more quickly! We'll reply ASAP, and jump right on getting your goodies to you :)


Delivery & Collection

Free Delivery

Standard Delivery

Frequency & Timing

Chlorofilling your home & community for $99 and above? Delivery's 100% on us!

Fair weight-based deliveries, from as low as $7 up to $25.

You pay, and we accept, no more than what it takes to get you your goodies~

We consolidate and send out our deliveries once every two weeks, over the weekend.​ This means that all batches due on week X, will be sent out over weekend X + 1.  This typically falls on a Sunday.  If deliveries can be made earlier (eg: weekend X), we will notify you through Whatsapp.

Depending on the size and contents of your order, we may or may not be able to accommodate specific date and time requests, and this may or may not incur additional fees. Generally, physically small orders have more flexibility on this.

Please speak to us if you require such scheduling, and we will help you as best we can without incurring additional cost.


A batch is how we group your orders to ensure only the latest & freshest reach you.

We run batches bi-weekly. Finalized delivery and collection dates will be let known to you when you Whatsapp us with your payment receipt. Orders confirmed before a batch closes will be due (for delivery) as stated:

1. For orders that DO NOT INCLUDE Rare Succulent pre-orders

  • Batch closes at 11:59pm on the Tuesdays of "Restock Weeks" (next batch begins immediately)

  • Orders that fall during "Restock week",  delivery is due on the same weekend

  • Orders that fall during "Ordering week", delivery is due on the following weekend.

2. For orders that INCLUDE rare-succulent pre-orders:

  • Batch closes at 10:00pm on Sundays (re-opening is usually Thurs/Friday)

  • Deliveries are usually due on the 2nd weekend after the batch's closing 

  • Please do not order after closing. Such orders will be refunded ASAP.


We offer collection from the weekend that the batch is due, at a single location in the vicinity of Bukit Panjang, within a pre-scheduled basis of time slots as determined by us. We're very sorry that we have to discharge all liabilities for collections beyond 7 days from that weekend.

  • If you live nearby, we very much welcome you to collect your order in person

  • If you do not, do consider getting it delivered to you (long story here)

In any case, we'll let you know the exact location upon confirming your order :)



Indicating Potting Preference

Simply add a note in the "Details" section, at the bottom of "Your Stash" (before the checkout)~
In the note, please pair the SKUs (visible beside each item) of the plant with your desired pot.

For example:

  1. (Plant C's SKU) + (Pot H's SKU)

  2. (Plant L's SKU) + (Pot O's SKU)

  3. etc...

Rare Succulents

Rare succulents come bare-rooted by default

  • Our Rare Succulents travel long distances bare-rooted by default, as required by AVA.

  • Buyers often request for them bare-rooted as they have their own pots, or want us to pot them in some of the slightly more ornate planters we have available.

  • The potting mix for succulents is hand mixed to ensure proper drainage, and hence costs significantly more to provide.

If you'd like your succulents potted in a basic pot, please purchase a basic plastic pot (super cheap) like you would any other pot and direct us to pot it for you, and we will provide the potting service and mix free of charge, as we would for any pot bought separately :)


Returns & Refunds

We're Reasonable Folks :)

We aim to make your entire journey, from visiting us to watching your plants flourish, a journey full of feels. We're reasonable folks, as we're sure you are too. Get back to us within 7 days from receiving your goods if there's anything about them you're unhappy about, and we'll do our best to get you smiling again :)

Here are our general guidelines:

1. ​For live goods: for significant discrepancies between what was promised and what was received, please return the plant to us for a full refund, and we'll be happy to look after it. Should you be unable to return the plant, it will be a case-by-case basis, but we guarantee a refund of at least 50% of its purchased value.

2. For non-live goods:

  • If you received the wrong goodies from what you ordered (size, color, etc.), or made the wrong order, allow us to exchange it for you.

  • If they are damaged, please accept our apology and a full refund.

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We accept PayNow & Bank Transfers!

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