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The Chlorofeeling is the addiction to plant loving and to sowing those seeds of love wherever we roam; an addiction fed by the reverence to nature's wonder, how she connects us all, and the boundless love she offers that should remind us of what we too, can offer each other. No physical gardens required, because there's always, always been room to welcome her – along corridors, by the windows... and at heart. It's not simply about the plant (you'll find your match here~), it's about the feeling, and those are the seeds we're sowin'. It's time we got growin'.

Y(Our) Story

In 2016, a motley bunch of excitable little ones who met among the community gardens of SG's void decks and HDBs, discovered their common love for nature, community, and desire to spread it... and out sprouted a little Chlorofeel. Slowly but surely, the feeling has grown, has been shared, and today still continues coloring people's lives.

And yet the truth is, "our" story is nothing without "yours". Our's is just a teeny part & passion project of a larger endless epic where everyone, especially you, plays their own crucial role in uniquely spreading the universal underlying values, of love & community :)

Our Pinky Promise

A joyful experience, starting the moment you visit our online store to the moments you catch your piece of nature dancing in the wind; provided by people (Chlorophiles!) just like you, who will make the literally hands-on effort to bring you quality products, at affordable prices, with a personal touch; because at the end of the day, the best thing we get out of Chlorofeel, is the privilege of being able to continue whetting this healthy & wooderful addiction that embodies the things in life that truly matter.

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