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Growing Cute Succulents

Succulents are pretty much the In-thing right now for many city gardeners across the world. Simply because they're irresistibly cute and almost indestructible. With their fleshy leaves that stores water, succulents are adapted to survive arid living conditions. They come in a plethora of shapes, colors and sizes but the rules in ensuring they thrive are pretty much the same across the different species.

Growing Succulents

LIGHT - Succulents thrive in bright light such as at a balcony, window or corridor. Succulents may get scorched if grown in direct sunlight and this can be seen by the bleaching of their leaves where they turn white or brown. A lack of light will lead to succulents looking elongated and leggy. If you're planning to grow your little gems on your table top that's deep in your room and doesn't receive much sunlight and want them to still thrive, simply bring them to the window for some good sun 2-3 days each week. Or you can get growlights/ bright indoor lights to shine on them.

WATER - Being drought tolerant plants, you'll only need to water them around once every week to allow for the soil to dry out between waterings. A common cause of death for succulents is root rot due to over-watering thus always ensure soil dries out between waterings, but do not underwater. Under-watering symptoms: Growing halts and will start to shed their leaves. Brown spots may also form on the leaves.

Over-watering symptoms: They will start to soften up and lose their colour where the leaves turn yellow or white. Although over-watered succulents are practically a gone case, you can try to remove it from its pot and remove brown dead rotting roots. Alternatively, you can take some cuttings for propagation. 

If they’re grown in a country with a humid climate, avoid water contact on the leaves during watering, instead water the soil only, This might be tedious when you have succulents that are has leaves against the top of the pot. Here's how you can water your succulents easily:

SOIL - Succulents thrive in sandy loose dry soil that has excellent drainage which are designed for cactus and succulents. You can purchase such a mix or create one yourself by mixing loose good quality potting soil with a bunch of sand, perlite or gravel.

TIP: To retain or enhance the colours of succulents (especially the RARE succulents), provide them with “Beneficial Stress”. That can be achieved through many ways including stressing them out with stronger light, thirsting them by not watering for short periods of time, or cooler temperatures. But do not that it is a fine line between achieveing the beneficial stress and killing them from getting scorched etc. A skill to master!

Creating little paradises with Succulents

Succulents are available in a plethora of shapes and colours and they're usually of a miniature size. This makes it ideal for creating miniature gardens with succulents! Not only will they spruce up your garden or table top, this fine piece of art makes a great gift for birthdays, weddings, corporate events etc. Here's some succulent miniature gardens we've created.

Grab your own Miniature Succulent Garden or Succulents now!


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