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Many of our rare tropical plants belong to the Aroids family (Monsteras, Philodendrons, Alocasias, Anthuriums etc). Aroids require well-draining soil to avoid root rot and to grow at their prime. Apart from being nestled in good-quality media (have you seen our Aroid Mix?), a breathable pot will work wonders to nurture a healthier plant with stronger roots.


  • Breathable design: Besides the drainage holes at the bottom, the sides are covered in "breathing" slits to allow for the media to dry more evenly and quickly, as well as to provide better airflow to roots.
  • Mesh pad included in the pots: Prevent finer media from falling through the larger drainage holes at the bottom. Our team hand-cuts these to fit the pots of varying sizes ;)


  • Measurements:

    • 11cm diameter x 10cm height
    • 14cm diameter x 12cm height
    • 19cm diameter x 17.5cm height

    Material: Black, Plastic

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