Like "Yakult", the probiotic drink, but for plants! This miraculous Kopi-O concoction is like gold in gardening. it is not a fertiliser but a soil activator. Using natural root-colonizing biocontrol microbes, Liquid Gold re-energises your soil and boosts your plants' efficiency in absorbing and utilising the nutrients in the soil.

- Restores Soil Biology (beneficial microorganisms)
- Strengthens root system for all plants
- Promotes robust growth and lush foliage
- Aids in breaking down organic matter in the soil
- Improves micronutrient uptake
- Prevents and treats many fungal diseases including root-related issues


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  • Volume: 250ml (Approx.)

  • Potted Plants and Raised Beds:
    - Dilute 1ml of microbes to 500ml of water in a bucket or spray pump
    - Allow mixture to rest for 30 mins (stir the mixture to "wake the microbes up" with oxygen)
    - Water into the soil as per your plant's watering requirement
    - Incorporate into your watering regime

    For Water Propogation: 
    - Ensure the plant is suitable for water propagation
    - Follow dilution rate as per above
    - put a pinch of fertiliser into the propagation container with the diluted microbes solution

    To Note:
    - Use in conjunction with fertilisers for maximum effect as this does not provide nutrients but merely activates your plant's ability to use the nutrients better

    - Allow 72 hours gap between (before and after) microbes application for fungicide or pesticide use. Otherwise, microbes will not work.