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Akadama Succulent Blend is made of 30% Fine Akadama, 30% Regular, 20% Pumice, 20% Volcanic Rock. It is the preferred choice among regulars because it’s the most porous due to it being the most varied.

Succulents are prone to root rot if overwatered; therefore, we take several precautions while watering. But did you know that the SECRET lies in the media you use? Use well-draining, porous media to greatly reduce the chances of root rot and make rot from overwatering less likely. 

Mimic Nature: Succulents are naturally found in coastal areas and deserts. Soil is usually more rocky, more porous and retains less water compared to regular soil. Have this in mind as you create your own little desert!


About Akadama: Highly prized among Succulent and Bonsai growers worldwide mainly for its porosity. It is able to retain water and nutrients within its microscopic pores and cavities while draining off any excess water. This free-draining open structure of the Akadama prevents water-logging and allows aeration and effective plant root development. Akadama also darkens when moistened, thereby helping the caretaker know when to water the plant.


Leave the Dirty Work to us: Our ready-to-use blends are suitable for succulents. Mixed personally by us with love, and your happy succulents in mind. 


SKU: WS3600
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