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Our succulent arrangements are handcrafted with succulents from Korea and Cameron Highlands, potted in eco-friendly French planters. This arrangement is potted in CROIX. Akadama Succulent Blend has been used for fast-drainage and porosity; an essential for growing succulents.

About the Planter:
A sustainable creation from recycled wood fibres and bioplastic derived from corn. Dreamt up, and made by men & machines in France. This range of additively manufactured, minimalist planters fuse French flair with Japanese-like zen sensibility to create an elegant rendezvous between nature and tech. Voulez-vous planter avec moi?

CROIX: If you hadn't guessed this already, then X marks the spot. The same spot where most paths cross only once. It's truly a treasure then - a reminder to not take things for granted.


* You'll get the exact arrangement as per the listing


  • Dimensions: 12cmØ by 11cmH


    Drainage Hole: Yes


    Material: Wood & Cornstarch Derived Bioplastic