High carbon source of liquid humic acid for soil improvement. Despite being the secret to hosting beneficial soil-based organisms for robust plants, Humus is quickly being depleted from soil all over the world due to soil exhaustion. 

Check out this informative and cool video about Humus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5_37k9HdJw

✓ Promotes and Feeds Beneficial Fungi and Microorganisms
✓ Improves Soil Structure
✓ Enhances Root Development

✓ Stabilises Soil pH, Detoxify Chemicals and Heavy Metals in the Soil

✓ Best to Combine with Urea and Other Sources of Nitrogen

✓ Increases Nutrient Uptake Due to High CEC (450)

✓ Nutrient Magnifier and Stabiliser


SKU: NC0500
  • Volume: 500ml (Approx.)