An organic fertiliser that is made from 100% Black Soldier Fly Frass. A nutritious blend of larvae exoskeleton sheds, larvae excrement and the remaining substrate from production, ECOBOOST is an ideal organic food source providing optimal nutrition that is essential for all-rounded plant development.

Be Part Of Change: Over a third of food is wasted during production and transport even before it reaches the table. With a growing world population and increasing scarcity of food resources, the food industry has a dire need for solutions to close the loop on food waste. This fertiliser harnesses the natural abilities of insects called Black Soldier Flies to transform our local food waste into useful, high-value ingredients for the agriculture industry. Farmed and produced with low impact, zero waste methods that support circular economy practices within the food industry.

#SUPPORTLOCAL: Produced here in sunny Singapore. Featured on CNA, Straits Times and Zaobao. Awardee for DBS's Social Enterprise Programme.

- High In Macro and Micro-Nutrients for all-rounded robust plants

- Suitable for flowers, fruits, foliage and especially useful for organic edible gardens
- Gentle: Slow-release organic fertiliser that prevents overdosing and fertiliser burn
- Stay Bug-Free: Contains Chitin that naturally increases plant defences against pests
- Superior Water Retention: Porosity of added fibre improves soil water retention and root aeration


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  • Volume: 1 litre (Approx.)

  • How to prevent overdose?: Being organically derived with natural Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels. There is no risk of overdosage

    Soil Amendment and Seeding: Mix Organic Fertiliser with Potting Soil in 1:4 ratio.

    Plant Fertiliser: Apply 1 tbsp of Organic Fertiliser once a week. Sprinkle evenly over top of soil. Use half the recommended dose for young plants. Water after applying.

    Foliar Spray Mix: 1 tbsp with 2 litres of water. Allow mixture to sit for 24 hours in cool environment. Use with spray bottle on plant leaves for direct nutrient absorption.