Succulents and Cactuses require extremely well draining soil to thrive. This soil is different from the soil typically used for normal plants. You're swarmed with all sorts of different soil recipes online. You're unsure where to find the ingredients to mix. And even if you do, its such a tideous and messy job mixing your own soil.Leave the dirty job to us! 

You; pot your succulents, sit back, drink a cuppa tea and enjoy the sunset with your happy succulents. Based on our experience and reputable recipes online; our succulent soil mixture is made up of 50% Succulent and Cactus soil. As though that isn't enough, we further enhance drainage by throwing in another 25% Perlite and 25% Pumice Stones. 

Each and every packet is hand-mixed and hand-packed by us with happy succulents in mind.Each packet is around 25cm x 26cm big. Around 1 litre.


SKU: WS1300
  • Dimensions: 15cmW by 25cmH

    Weight: 480g