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Worried that there wont be anyone at home to water your precious plants while your family goes for a holiday? Too busy to water your plants regularly but still wish to have plants at home? Well.. They can be solved with our Self Watering Device! The system is run by a simple theory; When the soil is dry, water will automatically be released out of the device through osmosis. And when the soil is wet enough, no water will be released. This ensures that your soil is always moist! So what are you waiting for? Hurry get these awesome handy devices today!

(Works for most plants except for those that are drought tolerant and prefer soil that are more dry. Eg: Cactus and succulents)

Self "Watering on Duty" Pods

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  • 1. Remove my cap & soak me in water for 15min

    2. Fill me up with water & put my cap back on

    3. Drop the end of my pipe into a vessel of water


    • 1 pod to 1 plant
    • 200-300ml of water per plant per day away
    • Put plant higher than vessel for less water, and vice versa for more

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