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[Protect your Succulents against Pests - Trusted Solution in the Succulents Community] 

Starxle G is a systemic insecticide that provides a new level of control for sucking insects commonly found in cacti and succulent plants. It is a highly effective and environmentally-friendly odourless granular insecticide for the control of common pests such as Aphids, Mealybugs, Spider mites, Fungus gnats, Scales, etc found in cacti and succulent plants. 

Starxle G controls pests by affecting the central nervous system, resulting in paralysis, failure to feed and death in insects. It is a systemic pesticide, which means it is absorbed into the plants through the roots, giving it all-round protection, even from hidden pests. Therefore, it need not be used merely when pests come but can be scattered around to create a bubble of defence for your precious plants. 

Starxle G is a magenta- coloured insecticide, coated with dinotefuran, a third- generation chemical in the neo-nicotinoid group, which has low toxicity to non-targets such as humans, mammals, birds, aquatic life and the environment. 

Use about 2-3g per plant to prevent and kill insects. Scatter 1-2g  on soil for pot size 5.5cmØ. One application lasts for 30-45 days.


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