A 100% organic and eco-friendly product for robust plants through the supply of essential nutrients in an all-rounded natural approach. The organic fertiliser goes through a meticulous process of heat-composting, palletising and milling to achieve a consistent fine and powdery finish with minimal odour
(despite being organic!) which makes them suitable for indoor use.

- 100% organic fertilizer for robust growth in the long term

- Suitable for flowers, fruits, foliage and especially useful for organic edible gardens
- Rich in macro+micro nutrients
- Bio-activated to increase microorganism activity for more abundant results


SKU: JA0200
  • Volume: 2.5 litres (Approx.)

  • How to prevent overdose?: Being organically derived with natural Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels. There is no risk of overdosage

    Potted Plants: Cover top soil with the premium organic fertiliser as needed and reapply once every 2 weeks. Alternatively, you may also mix it into the soil with 1 part fertiliser and 4 part soil mix for a fertile blend.

    New Raised Beds: Mix 1 part premium organic fertiliser with 4 part soil for a rich-in nutrients mix. Top-up every 2 weeks

    To Note:
    * To further enhance nutrient uptake, use in conjunction with Liquid Gold (Organic Microbial)